Yoga & Pilates

Yoga meaning ‘to unite’ – joining the body, mind & soul together as one.  Yoga has both preventive and therapeutic benefits. It provides the means for people of any age not only to get and stay in shape but also to develop balance, co-ordination, and a sense of centeredness. It renews and invigorates the body – stretching and toning the muscles, joints and spine.  Yoga can be practiced for all sorts of reasons: to remain fit; to stay healthy or recover your health; to balance your nervous system; to calm your busy mind, and to live in a more meaningful way.

Pilates is dynamic – some exercises are meant to be slow, while others take on a faster tempo.  The very nature of the Pilates method (created by Joseph Pilates) is meant to keep the mind engaged as well as the core.  While Pilates training focuses on the core-strength, it trains the body as an integrated whole – promoting strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increased range of motion.  Pilates is popular in rehabilitation, as well as with athletes who find Pilates a great foundation for any kind of movement.

“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.”
– Joseph Pilates